Ballet School

The North Star Ballet School offers an eight-year graded syllabus in classical ballet developed by Artistic Director Emeritus, Norman Shelburne.

The school provides a creative environment for students with professional aspirations as well as those seeking personal enrichment through dance. Classes are small with an emphasis on individual growth in a supportive atmosphere. The faculty is professional and highly skilled.

Classes are held for 34 weeks, starting at the end of August and running through May. 

Semester-Long Classes

Creative Movement

Creative Movement is a joyful way for children to explore movement through music, develop physical skills, channel energy, stimulate imagination, and promote creativity. Creative Movement provides children with opportunities for noncompetitive, success-oriented and creative experiences. Through movement, children learn about their bodies, the space around them, and each other.

These classes are for children ages 4 - 7 years old. Children must be 4 years old by September 1 to participate in Fall creative movement classes.


Pre-Ballet is open to students who are 7 - 8 years old (7 year old students will need to have at least a semester of Creative Movement or similar to enroll in Pre-Ballet). Students spend half the class learning and exploring a variety of dance concepts such as space, level, speed, energy, etc. They spend the other half of the class learning and refining developmentally appropriate ballet technique without the use of a ballet barre.

Children’s Ballet (ages 8+)

Children’s Ballet is designed for students who wish to study ballet, but cannot commit to twice a week class. Students learn and refine ballet technique at the barre, in the center, and across the floor. Children’s Ballet students will progress based on instructor discretion.

Boys’ Ballet

Boys’ Ballet 1 follows the same syllabus as Children’s Ballet, but also fosters a camaraderie among the boys who participate and helps to normalize boys’ participation in ballet. 

Boys’ Ballet 2, for students who have completed Level 1, is most similar to B1 Ballet. Boys will take one class a week with B1 students (consisting of boys and girls) and then one class a week with just boys.

Beginning Teen Ballet

This class follows the same syllabus as Children’s Ballet, but is open to students 13 - 18 who are just beginning their ballet training and wish to do so with others in their peer group.

Levels A1 - B1

A1 Ballet is the beginning of North Star Ballet’s eight-year curriculum. Students learn basic body positions and correct posture, develop discipline, and increase their ability to concentrate. Each year, students build upon the ballet skills they developed the prior year and eventually have the opportunity to audition for the Company.

Levels B2 - D2

Students in B2 and C1 Ballet are eligible (but not required) to audition for the North Star Ballet Junior Company. Students in C1 also begin dancing en pointe. 

Levels C2 and D1 are eligible (but not required) to audition for the Apprentice Company, and D2 students may audition to join the Senior Company.


Contemporary is a style of dance that builds off classical ballet foundations and embraces innovation. Contemporary blends techniques from various genres, including ballet, jazz, modern, and lyrical dance. Contemporary dance is known for its versatility and diversity of movement. North Star Ballet offers three levels of Contemporary to students and adults who have at least a B2-level of dance experience.

Company Membership

Company Membership, be it in Junior, Apprentice, or Senior Company, is a year-long commitment (September - May) open to all North Star Ballet students enrolled in B2 through D2. Company dancers are required to attend their assigned ballet technique classes as well as Pilates. Contemporary is highly encouraged, but not mandatory. Company dancers are required to perform in The Nutcracker, the annual Spring Gala, and Class Demonstration. Company membership is a commitment and NSB expects members to prioritize ballet above or at the same level as other extracurricular activities. 

In exchange for their commitment, members are guaranteed performance opportunities and are invited to take lower level technique classes at no extra charge. Additionally, there are no performance fees beyond the Company tuition (which varies depending on the level). Read more about the North Star Ballet Company here.


Dance With Me

This workshop is designed for children ages “walking” to age 3 and a caretaker. Dance With Me explores movement that is fun and enriching, and strengthens the bond between toddlers and their caretakers.

Adult Intro to Ballet

Improve strength, coordination, flexibility, and balance with our eight-week Adult Intro to Ballet Workshop for absolute beginners. Participants who complete this workshop will have enough knowledge to move into the Adult Ballet 1 drop-in class.

Drop-In Classes

Ballet 1

Adult Ballet 1 is a beginner class for students 18 and older who have a basic vocabulary and understanding of ballet technique.

Ballet 2

Adult Ballet 2 is a more intermediate level, and builds off of concepts learned in Ballet 1.

What’s the Pointe

This class is the most advanced level of drop-ins and is designed for adults who wish to dance en pointe.